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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

pulling rabbits out of hats

Pulling rabbits out of hats is something you expect from a magician, and not a PR agency.

however, that is something we do for our clients ... make marketing magic.

as a small(er) agency, we need to differentiate ourselves from the big boys -- although our budgets are in line with market demands.

so -- what do we do.

firstly, we will jump through hoops to keep clients happy and never bait and switch account teams (maybe because we have 4 people on staff!)

clients get to know us and we work seamlessly with them on a variety of PR and marketing issues. Over the next several posts we'll highlight some rabbits we pulled out of hats for clients:

Rabbit 1:

for months we have been working with a client that has a major trade show coming up and we inquired many times about booth and graphics. each time they said it was covered. Well 1 week prior to the show, they find out they do not have a booth. within 48 hrs we secure a booth and design graphics as well as ensure all the logistics in time for the show.

basically, we saved their marketing for the year.

As a smaller agency we can provide this quick turnaround service that bigger ones may not want to do, or charge extra for.


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