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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Synopsis of an Award Winning Campaign: Branding and PR

As an award winning PR and MARCOM Agency, we will post our winning campaigns and select case studies in order to help other PR pros breaking into the agency game for the first time or starting their own shops due to the recession and job layoffs. here is the first of many posts.

An AJR & Partners Public Relations Case Study 

  • Synopsis of an Award Winning Camping  
  • Client: Sleek Audio 
  • Award: 2008 MARCOM for Best Corporate Brand,  Marketing and PR - Platinum 


  • Launch high-tech customizable in-ear headphones for use in iPods and MP3 Players.
  • Create an online community of audiophiles for Sleek Audio
  • Position Sleek Audios’ products as an audiophile’s dream come true with customizable treble and bass ports to create your own audio fingerprint


  • Start-up company with very limited marketing funds, but a truly great product with a father and son team that believe in themselves 


  • Communicate directly with audiophiles and build an online community of supporters
  • Get product into hands and ears of tech reviewers and other online influencers 


  • Created an Integrated PR and Web 2.0 marketing campaign with a pre-launch viral marketing site (http://www.youraudiofingerprint.com/)  and a microsite for news and reviews (http://www.sleek-audioreviews.com/)
  • Launched product at 2008 CES, focusing on media reviews with audiophile press and blogs
  • Conducted ongoing successful technology and audiophile media outreach program, securing reviews in the following influencer media:
these and other media hits can be found on the micro-review site we set up for Sleek Audio Reviews 


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